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The Confident Voice has helped people from across the world communicate more effectively in spoken English.

Neville has transformed the way people communicate, and become confident in gesture, movement and speech.


"The Confident Voice has made me think further about how I speak, how I listen; moving and talking, knowing what your intention is and pausing before an action is useful. I loved the tennis ball exercise!"

Mrs A. P, London

"Jeremy achieved wonderful A level results – was awarded wonderful 100% marks for two papers. Interacting through language and exploring texts; your influence cannot be denied. He was awarded a scholarship to study politics."

Mrs L. M, London

"Neville Wortman’s course comprised many aspects of the British way of life in both formal and informal settings. Samuel Schmid (Foreign Minister) enjoyed the course immensely and asked me to convey his thanks and appreciation to you."

Mr B. S, Ambassador of Switzerland

"Just a word of thanks for today's Shakespeare class. Wow! I'm blown away by the power of these/his words. So glad I'm able to be in your class”. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this.  I’m not the kind of person who would speak in public (I’d run for hills instead of do that)!"

Ms J. C, London

"Very interesting techniques, starting to be more aware of myself and the impact I can make with well delivered communication!"

Ms C. H, London

"A privilege to have a tutor with such substance – you teach us about the power and precision of language and the magic it can create so that we can share in it."

Ms D. P, Italy

"Confidence has risen almost without effort, a change in being and real intent. Thank you!"

Mr M. S, London

"I am not native English and sometimes finding my voice from this perspectives might be difficult, especially as I am  working with my voice a lot and need to actually  explain my positions many times so finding this confidence is crucial. The course you offer will help to improve how I communicate with the world and give me not only a confidence but also the clarity of the words I use!"

Mr G, Poland

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